This application I use almost as much as my terminal application. Also this application means that I now hardly ever type SSH any more. No more remembering my username on each host, remembering the options that host accepts and no more configuring each and every environment to update the xterm title to include the hostname.

At workΒ  I have 109 hosts setup in my SSHmenu, this seems overwhelming but using menus and submenus i can hide away most of the clutter. I don’t ever have to remember the username I have on that host, any other hosts I have to go via on the way or even whether I can X forward from that machine. All that is abstracted away by a simple menu. SSHmenu will also set the title, size and colours of the terminal so you can ever have different colours for different hosts. Production hosts red, development blue and testing servers green for example.

The innate beauty of SSHmenu is that it is so easily hackable. On the SSHmenu website there is even a hacking guide. Normally it does SSH but there are instructions on how to add telnet support, and if you were savvy enough it would only be a small step to add rdesktop or dsh support.

If you manage or use more than 30 servers I’d highly recommend you check out SSHmenu. On Fedora its a simple ‘yum install gnome-applet-sshmenu‘.

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