Gnome Terminal

Gnome terminal is probably one of the most unappreciated applications applications I use. Not a single day would go by where I don’t start an instance of Gnome Terminal. The same could also be said about Firefox except that I appreciate Firefox and recognise its usefulness. So here is the first of my posts on applications that I think deserve a much better appreciation.Gnome Terminal Icon

Gnome Terminal is a terminal emulator and it is the application I use 99% of the time to access the command line interface of my Linux PCs. The version I’m currently using comes with 2.26.2 and its version number matches that. Gnome Terminal can run my shells, SSH to another machine, start a terminal program or tail log files. The main reason that I use it so often would be because I prefer to use Gnome as my desktop environment.

I imagine that if I used KDE then this post would be about Konsole instead, if I used XFCE then it’d be Terminal and other environments have their own respective terminal emulators. Gnome terminal does your run of the mill terminal emulation just like any other terminal emulator but it also offers several other features.

My favourite feature has got to be transparency, without a compositing windows manager it looks pretty average but with one it give you true transparency. I don’t know exactly why, and I can only remember needing to look through terminals a couple of time, but I think that transparent terminals make me more productive. It certainly feels more productive (unlike wobbly windows, desktop on a cube and maximise and minimise animations).

So take a moment to appreciate your terminal, whether your using xterm, Gnome Terminal, Konsole, Terminal or aterm, chances are you use it many times a day. As one of the most used applications on my machine I know it is also one of the most unappreciated. It certainly deserves better, imagine what the impact of a bug (even small) would be. So here’s to Gnome Terminal, supporting my Linux hacking day in day out.

Random Thought: Is the worlds first infinite loop still going?