Pet Projects

One thing I’ve observed of people around me who are extremely passionate about computers is that they all have pet projects. For some its their work on an open source project, some maintain distribution packages, others run useful websites and some even attempt to found companies. I’ve had a few pet projects through my years.

Early in my high school education I discovered Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. This was my original programming language and where I learnt the basis of my programming skills. Using Visual Basic I wrote many programs, some useful some utterly useless. I remember writing a chat program, a scrabble optimiser, a remote PC control application and several games. Unfortunately an over zealous system administrator saw many executables in my home directory and decided I had been infected by a virus and wiped the whole directory. Unfortunately as much as I protested and complained the files were never restored and they are all lost forever.

As I was completing my high school years I ran a web game with two fellow classmates of mine. We spend most of the second half of the year designing it and I spent my exam period implementing it. We managed to keep it running for a year until we ran out of funds (we were all studying) to support it. The game had several limitations and some major design flaws. I’ve entertained thoughts of setting it up once again many times, but ultimately without my two partners (one of who I’ve lost touch with) it would never work. In addition all copies of the original source code have been lost.

Now we come to my favourite project of all. WeatherMon was written for my Dad. He had bought a weather station that had a PC link and this enabled me to get the data into our server. Not only is WeatherMon‘s source code still available it is still running to this day. It was also my first foray into AJAX and XML. WeatherMon does not reload the page at all, and all data transferred is either images or XML. I’ve got a write up all about it here.

Finally, it began as a school assignment but I took it way too far. Originally I had implemented it as a web service, which I then extended to a website, then I made the XHTML so that it could easily be themed and finally I implemented several themes. You can read about converter here.

I think pet projects are what differentiates the passionate from the crowd. Anybody can write programs, and anybody can go to work and do it there. It takes the right person to want to toil outside hours on something that isn’t earning them any money. I think the best thing you can do to further your abilities and your career is to start a pet project. It doesn’t have to be thankless, or useless but that doesn’t mean it can’t be. Its easy, submit a patch to an open source project, become a maintainer for a project lacking development, fork a project, start a website or even start your own open source project.

Random Thought: How tasty is the definitive Open Sauce?