Fedora 12 Alpha

So recently Fedora released the alpha of their latest OS. I’d been running rawhide for quite a while. Of particular interest is that my RS690 no longer flickers when I move a window that includes an alpha channel, and no longer randomly crashes. I’ve still got to disable modesetting but modesetting currently only stops me from enabling desktop effects.

Particular points I’m enjoying:

  • The desktop wallpaper that has squares on an angled surface is very appealing. The other new desktop wallpapers are very eye catching too.
  • Having 3D rendering working properly on my laptop.
  • The new Fedora 12 Login Theme is music to my ears (except when I have my laptop speakers turned up and it reverbs horribly).
  • EXT4 support seems a bit stronger. Of particular importance barrier based sync now works on LVM metadevices.
  • Dracut has made no discernible difference to boot times and ability to boot.
  • resize2fs is now able to shrink an ext4 partition. system-config-lvm now recognises ext4 and allows resizing it.

Particular points I’m not enjoying:

  • Eclipse is unstable and keeps crashing.
  • Turning off the menu icons in GNOME seems like a bad idea, it makes it harder to recognise each menu.
  • Modesetting stops me from using 3D effects.
  • You can’t drag icons from the menu to the panels or the desktop any more.